Small Business


Managing small business

A small business owner, you have only 2 primary tasks –

  1. Innovate – Keep improving  your product/service
  2. Sell – Take it to more and more people who are willing to pay for it

But this is easier said than done. A few years into the business, the entrepreneur gets sucked into operational, non value adding tasks that drains his time and energy. This directly affects 2 main functions, which is innovation and marketing.

Challenges faced by Small Business

No time to Innovate

Multiple roles to play

Limited resources

Lack expertise

What we can do for you?

You work on your product or service

We will help you market it.

OutSmart’s packaged solution for small businesses helps the business owner set up a professional marketing function for his business without having to hire new people or spend extra time from already packed day.

Package 1

Set up an outsourced department

Mode of delivery: Online
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Package 2

Set up & run your outsourced department

Mode of delivery: Online
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Content marketing can help you grow your business.
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Case Studies

Our time is precious and we believe yours is too. So, every activity and action that we collectively take up has to be towards our common goal – your business growth. Our work with some of our customers may inspire you to include smart outsourcing model as part of your business growth plans.


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